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Reno, NV Patient Receives Dermal Fillers*

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A female patient underwent a successful dermal filler procedure in spring 2023 performed by Janette McDougall, APRN at a clinic in Reno, NV. The patient experienced positive results, with an improvement in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. The procedure was performed with care and expertise, resulting in a natural and refreshed look. The patient expressed satisfaction with the outcome, highlighting Janette's skill and professionalism. The patient's positive experience highlights the benefits of dermal fillers in achieving desired aesthetic goals.

Subtle Filler



Pt really loved her botox and felt that the bottom part of her face looked a little more mature than she wanted so she opted for filler.  

Filler was placed in her cheeks and then nasolabial folds.  She had some natural asymmetry that we were able to help with. 

Pt is very happy with the results and plans on maintaining as needed.

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