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What is IPL?

If you struggle with how your facial skin appears because of sun damage or dark spots, our team at RenewMD Medical Spa can offer you a skin examination at our Reno, NV office to determine if you'll benefit from intense pulsed light (IPL) therapy with the Cutera xeo® laser system. An IPL photofacial is a treatment that rejuvenates the skin of adult men and women with hyperpigmentation problems on their neck and face. IPL may not be invasive, but it can be very effective and produce impressive outcomes. IPL sends intense wavelengths of light energy that warm the skin just enough to start the natural healing process and increase collagen production. As the added nutrients take effect, you should see a healthier layer with an improved tone and fewer dark spots.

How Does IPL Work?

IPL is performed at our Reno, NV office in about 20 – 30 minutes in one of our treatment rooms if performed alone. To prepare for the treatment, the technician will clean and dry the skin to be treated before protecting your eyes with goggles. The photofacial is performed using the handheld Cutera xeo device that passes over the skin while emitting light energy pulses. While many patients will have some discomfort during the IPL photofacial, it is generally tolerable for the fast treatment length.

No downtime is needed with a photofacial. You may leave your appointment with your complexion a little pink and swollen. This will decrease naturally in about a day — it may be concealed with makeup if you want. RenewMD Medical Spa suggests patients keep an ointment on the skin's surface to minimize any irritation and promote healing. It also helps to use an over-the-counter anti-inflammatory medicine to help decrease swelling. Over the course of several days, the irregularities under the skin will come to the surface skin layers and then start to flake off. It's important to protect your skin with sunscreen after an IPL photofacial and not pick at your skin while it heals. While you should have some improvements after the first treatment, your skin will attain ideal results with multiple photofacial treatments. We usually recommends approximately 3 – 6 treatments performed every four weeks at RenewMD Medical Spa.

I went to Renew MD for the first time recently, and I’m glad I did. Their staff are very friendly and knowledgeable. I’ve only gotten two facial laser treatments done, but the team helped me pick a great package for my specific skin and made sure I was prepared for the process. I highly recommend!

E.T. Yelp

I have done a few treatments at Renew MD. I would recommend getting your quotes from them in writing. One time I was quoted a price and then  overcharged for the service and only given a partial credit. Another time I was quoted a price and then set up an appointment. They canceled my appointment twice because they had problems with their equipment. Their staff turns over repeatedly and there is always new faces. When I finally drove over 60 miles for the appointment they had a new nurse and new office manager. They used a bait and switch tactics and said they could not preform the treatment quoted for that price and quadtripled the price for IPL spot treatments. After wasting my time, I walked out of the treatment room, then the assistant office manager asked how she could fix the situation, but I will never return!

F.W. Yelp

The Opus laser plasma treatment is a must! I purchased 3 treatments and after the very 1st one I was astounded by the results. In fact at work I was approached by 5 different ladies ages between 30 and 60 - each one commenting on how refreshed or how my skin looked so beautiful. Believe me the money is well worth it and the entire staff are so professional, patient and sweet! Renew MD is my permanent go to from now on❤

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Revitalize Your Skin With IPL Treatments

Even if you didn't worry much about your skin's health when you were a child, you now may be interested in how to improve your appearance. We encourage you to find out more about IPL photofacial treatments by calling our Reno, NV office and scheduling a complimentary consultation for a skin examination. With IPL treatments at RenewMD Medical Spa, we can go deep within the layers of your skin to help restore a bright glow and a healthy complexion.

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How much does IPL cost?

Your skin is unique, so your photofacial cost will depend on your unique concerns. RenewMD Medical Spa offers specials on treatments like IPL often, and we take several payment methods. During your initial consultation, your technician can help estimate costs and recommend the number of treatments needed to fit your needs and goals.

How quick are the results from IPL?

Improvements can usually be seen following each IPL treatment, but final results are visible a month after completing a full series of treatments. It’s normal for patients to see different responses following each treatment session. You should see fading of redness, blotchiness, and spots (age, brown, and sun) over time.

What are the possible side effects of IPL?

You may have mild, temporary side effects, like redness, swelling, crusting, blisters, or bruising. These subside in a few days. Your skin will be sun-sensitive, and sun exposure will impact your results. Whenever you go outside, you should always wear sunscreen to avoid issues like redness and spots.

*Individual results are not guaranteed and may vary from person to person. Images may contain models.