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Reno, NV Patient Receives Dermal Fillers: A Cosmetic Enhancement Journey*

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A female patient underwent a successful Dermal Fillers treatment in June 2023 in Reno, NV. The patient experienced positive outcomes from the procedure, achieving desired aesthetic results. The treatment was carried out in a professional and safe manner, ensuring the patient's comfort and satisfaction throughout. The patient's positive experience with Janette McDougall and Amanda Truitt's expertise highlights the potential benefits of Dermal Fillers in enhancing facial features.

Filler x 6.5 syringes



Filler x 6.5 syringes

Pt's thoughts:

I was very happy with how natural the filler looks.  I don't look tired all of the time and I feel that I look younger.  My makeup does not get stuck in my smile lines and my crows feet too!

I was a little worried about getting lip filler as I like how my lips look.  I was very happy that it just made me look more hydrated!

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