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Reno, NV Patient Undergoes Laser Skin Tightening*

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A female patient underwent Laser Skin Tightening in Reno, NV in March 2023. Following the procedure, she experienced a positive outcome, with visible improvement in the tightness and elasticity of her skin. The patient expressed satisfaction with the results, highlighting the professionalism and expertise of the medical team. This successful intervention has boosted her confidence and rejuvenated her appearance, leaving her pleased with the overall experience.

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Pt's testimonial: Ashley did my arms, face and neck treatments. I'm very happy with my results and Ashley did an excellent job. I had a similar treatment done at a cosmetic surgery place in Reno and had very little results plus the technician did not do a thorough job as Ashley did. 

I see the difference in all 3 areas that I had treated and plan to have them treated again just to improve the areas more.  


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