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How Often Should I Get a Chemical Peel?


A chemical peel may be the ultimate solution to your aged or damaged skin. It’s a safe and effective treatment that can improve the tone and texture of the skin on your face, neck, and even hands.

Like many treatments, you may need to receive chemical peels on a regular basis to achieve and maintain optimal results. Keep reading to find out how often you should get a chemical peel.

What is a Chemical Peel?

The purpose of a chemical peel is to induce a controlled wound and remove superficial layers of your skin. It can promote the growth of new, healthy skin and resolve a number of common skin concerns.

Since there are a variety of chemical peels out there, the treatment process varies. However, the skin usually gets prepped with a special degreaser so that there are no oils on the area that will be treated.

Next, an expert provider applies the chemical solution, which typically remains on the skin for 3 to 5 minutes. During this time, you may notice a mild stinging, which is only temporary and will go away after a few minutes. After a chemical peel, you can expect some peeling that you can control with lotion.

Types of Chemical Peels

Although many chemical peels can treat surface issues on your skin, some address concerns that begin in the deeper layers of your skin. Those that target the surface issues like uneven skin tone and acne scars are considered light or medium chemical peels. However, the ones that address more serious skin concerns like deep wrinkles or scars are deep chemical peels.

Frequency of a Chemical Peel

The chemical peel you select as well as your desired results will dictate how often you should receive this treatment. In some cases, it may make sense to receive a light chemical peel every two to five weeks.

If you opt for a medium chemical peel, you may want to receive this treatment every three to nine months. A deep chemical peel is one of those treatments that is only performed once.

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