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What is BOTOX?

Every time you look at your reflection in the mirror, are you troubled by wrinkles and lines developing on your brow area and in the skin surrounding your eyes? These skin changes are called dynamic lines caused by continuous facial movements, including frowning, smiling, and squinting. As people age, these wrinkles and lines become more pronounced and can make them look less youthful. Thanks to BOTOX Cosmetic treatments, we may temporarily minimize the formation of moderate to severe frown lines, Crow's feet, and forehead creases. BOTOX Cosmetic is made from a specialized type A strain of botulinum toxin. It works to temporarily "freeze" the muscles that create those expressions, letting the skin recover independently. At RenewMD Medical Spa, we are excited to offer BOTOX as a nonsurgical option to help men and women enjoy a more youthful, refreshed result. RenewMD Medical Spa is also where the modern man can confidently embrace the benefits of "Brotox," receiving expert treatments to enhance his masculine features and achieve a rejuvenated and polished look. Contact our office in Reno, NV to schedule your free consultation.

Fine lines and wrinkles can distract from our better features, in addition to making us appear more aged than actuality. BOTOX is a fantastic technique for helping you attain a more youthful, smooth appearance. While the outcomes are not permanent, you can enjoy the benefits for many months prior to wanting to have a touch-up appointment. Patients may also get extra benefits from BOTOX at RenewMD Medical Spa, such as:

  • Easy maintenance: People who desire to keep the appearance long-term can find that follow-up treatment sessions are brief and realistic for everyday activities.
  • No rest or recovery: Due to the minimally invasive qualities, you can be free to resume your day-to-day life following treatment.
  • Brief treatment sessions: BOTOX procedures normally last for as few as 10 minutes.
  • Very little discomfort: BOTOX treatments utilize a very small needle, so treatments seem like a little skin prick.

Should I Get BOTOX?

Adults seeking a nonsurgical solution to relax forehead wrinkles, frown lines, or Crow's feet may be ideal candidates for BOTOX injections at RenewMD Medical Spa. It can also be a good option if you are bothered by noticeable glabellar lines ("11" lines between the eyes) that result in a tired or aging look. BOTOX Cosmetic has gained favor among younger men and women, as well. Although patients ages 20 – 30 may not yet exhibit the early signs of aging, BOTOX can be utilized as a preventive treatment to fend off the normal aging process by temporarily minimizing or delaying the advancement of facial wrinkles.

How Does BOTOX Work?

At your first treatment consultation at RenewMD Medical Spa, we will provide a cosmetic analysis to select which areas require treatment. BOTOX is a quick, in-office procedure, so your injections can commonly be carried out during the same appointment. The formula will be placed into the designated areas of your forehead or face using a fine-gauge needle. BOTOX treatment takes a few minutes, and many individuals notice only mild discomfort (like a pinprick or pinching sensation). Following your appointment, you can leave our practice and get right back to your normal day.

It's normal to have a bit of minor swelling, bruising, and redness in the injection sites, but this will likely not last long. We may suggest that you refrain from strenuous exercise and keep yourself from touching the treatment sites for about a day or so. After 48 – 72 hours, you will probably begin to experience smooth, firm results. BOTOX injections can deliver up to four months of youthful, natural-looking improvements for most people. We will determine how frequently you should undergo treatments as part of a customized plan to help you reach your desired goals. Our staff can provide you with the estimated price of BOTOX treatments, but the cost typically varies according to the number of units utilized.

I found out about this wonderful place from my daughter in law who looks ten years younger than her age. My first visit was to Niki for the best facial I have ever had. A few days later, I went in for some Botox with Amanda who I found out is also a Nurse Practitioner. My wrinkles are gone and I love looking younger than my 68 years. It’s never too early to start taking care of your face - and Body and Renew MD Medical Spa is the best place to start your journey of looking younger. The staff is also so supportive - I felt right at home with them. Thank you. I will be back!!!

N.T. Yelp

The staff is very friendly and helpful. Janet is awesome, she listens to exactly what you want, and the results are fantastic! I have had other experiences with Botox injections with less effectiveness. I recommend Renew MD for your beauty needs.

M.K. Google

Jeanette and Loise were amazing for my first ever botox. I am pretty nervous about pain and they were wonderful with explaining everything before they did it, what to expect, and even indulged me with some numbing cream for my first time. They even shared an app I could download for discounts that I got, and can get in the future! I'm not even at my 2 week mark to come back for pictures and I am so happy with how the botox is settling. Will definitely be coming back again, and again, and again!

JS Solutionreach

Everyone is very professional and attentive..Ashley and Jeanette are amazing ..taking time to answer any questions and making me very comfortable. I had a microdermabrasion with Ashley…and later Botox with Jeanette..highly recommend ????I have been going here for the past year and a half and it has been consistently a great experience… From the moment you walk in and are greeted at the front desk to how clean all areas are to leaving …Wonderful experience ??

BP Solutionreach

Renew MD staff is very good ! Vitamin C Facial as exceptional, and the botox treatment was just right. I recommend Renew MD for your skincare needs.

R.C. Google


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Discover the Beautifying Benefits of BOTOX

If you are developing facial wrinkles that make you appear older, BOTOX Cosmetic injections at RenewMD Medical Spa may be an effective, minimally invasive skin enhancement treatment. BOTOX treatments can effectively relax facial creases and wrinkles to highlight your natural beauty.

Contact our office in Reno, NV to book a complimentary consultation and learn more about obtaining a renewed, youthful glow! The team at RenewMD Medical Spa also invites you to experience the ultimate in skin care at our premium med spa, where cutting-edge VISIA® Skin Analysis technology is utilized to tailor precise treatments and reveal your skin's hidden potential.

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How many treatments will I likely need?

The quantity of BOTOX injections needed will differ according to personal goals and the extent of your lines and wrinkles. Dr. McDougall can determine the ideal quantity of BOTOX injections based on your desired aesthetic outcomes and whether you wish to treat the brow area, Crow's feet, or forehead. Our team may suggest having BOTOX services every few months at RenewMD Medical Spa to prolong your aesthetic results.

Can BOTOX be paired with additional cosmetic procedures?

BOTOX procedures often pair well with other nonsurgical options at RenewMD Medical Spa for individuals who want to target aging signs. If you notice deeper and more severe wrinkles and lines, our experts may discuss incorporating a dermal filler for your smoothest results. Dr. McDougall may discuss other complementary treatments, such as microneedling with PRP or facials, to further improve a youthful radiant glow.

Is there a comparable aesthetic injectable option?

BOTOX Cosmetic is a specific type of wrinkle reducer that competes with a range of other comparable options, including Jeuveau™, XEOMIN®, and Dysport®. All of these wrinkle reducing treatments contain type A botulinum toxin; however, they are each created a little differently to target specific challenges.

*Individual results are not guaranteed and may vary from person to person. Images may contain models.