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What is KYBELLA?

Even a bit of extra fat in the upper throat area will create the presence of a "double chin" that can be unwanted to both men and women. The additional pockets of fat beneath the chin (or the submental area) can be caused by aging, weight fluctuations, or genetics that lead to a weaker jawline and chin for a less defined profile. We are pleased to offer a new way to reduce neck fat at RenewMD Medical Spa. The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) approved KYBELLA as a new nonsurgical procedure for upper neck fat. The active ingredient in KYBELLA is a manmade version of deoxycholic acid that acts similarly to the body's natural DA to break down and absorb fat cells. After it has been injected beneath the chin, you can see a noticeable fat reduction. When the fat is removed, the cells do not reform so you can enjoy your new, slender profile and defined jawline for years to come.

How Does KYBELLA Work?

KYBELLA is performed during an appointment in one of our treatment rooms. Once the skin is clean, Janette will typically apply a numbing ointment to the injected area. The procedure takes around 15 – 20 minutes and includes several small injections targeting the upper neck area. Patients may require one treatment to achieve their goal while some may want a few treatments spaced 3 – 4 weeks between each appointment at RenewMD Medical Spa.

KYBELLA doesn't require anesthesia so you can leave the office when you feel comfortable to resume your normal routine. You may experience temporary swelling, numbness, or bruising under your chin, although this should not last longer than a few days. Contact RenewMD Medical Spa immediately if you are feeling any unusual symptoms, such as difficulty swallowing, facial muscle weakness, or uneven facial expressions. While the fat that is eliminated does not regenerate, the remaining cells can grow larger so you must maintain a stable weight after your KYBELLA injections to keep new pockets of fat from developing. Optimal results following this treatment leave your neck appearing tighter and slimmer, and your profile will be more defined.

The staff at Renew MD is amazing. They provide perfect client service. They always make sure to provide comfort and piece of mind. Amanda is the absolute Best. Providing treatments in such a gentle manner and always educating while performing treatment. She always makes sure to keep you comfortable during treatment. Highly recommend Amanda for any of the treatments

A.R. Google

Very friendly and carrying staff, family like atmosphere, and always great results.

ZC Solutionreach

Lois was very thorough in explaining in detail each procedure, answering all questions. She took her time and made sure that I understood the processes.

AH Solutionreach

Friendly staff. Always have had a good experience and great results

PG Solutionreach

I absolutely love the staff.

MR Solutionreach


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Say Goodbye to Your Double Chin

Even if everybody else in your family tree has to hide their genetic double chin, it does not mean you will. Make a complimentary consultation to learn more about KYBELLA injections at RenewMD Medical Spa in Reno, NV. Erase your "double chin" so you can get a strong jawline today.

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