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What Is Laser Skin Tightening?

When our skin starts to lose suppleness as we age, we end up with wrinkles and sagging that cause us to look older. This occurs from the normal decline in the production of collagen. At RenewMD Medical Spa, we perform laser skin tightening to improve and firm needed regions of the face and body. Our state-of-the-art Venus Legacy™ laser system stimulates collagen production and works to enhance the skin tissue to give you the younger aesthetic you wish for. We are extensively skilled in performing this treatment to improve the look of wrinkles, looseness, stretch marks, a double chin, bat wings, and additional issues. If you'd like to learn more about the advantages of laser skin tightening, arrange a free consultation at our Reno, NV office.


How Does Laser Skin Tightening Work?

Your laser skin tightening procedure at RenewMD Medical Spa starts with a complete washing of the treatment site. Your technician will then administer a local numbing gel to help you stay comfortable throughout the laser treatment. After cleaning your skin, your provider will use the laser, which beams light into the skin to boost your body's collagen generation mechanism. Your procedure might take about 30 – 90 minutes, according to the scope and size of the targeted area.

Following your Venus Legacy laser skin tightening procedure, your skin might be red and raw, similar to a sunburn. The providers at RenewMD Medical Spa will provide aftercare instructions to help your skin to heal properly. You can expect your skin to shed within the following few days or weeks, which is ordinary and not a cause for worry. Ensure to care for your skin by employing moisturizing lotion and avoiding the sun for this period. As your skin heals and collagen regeneration occurs, you may see a healthier, younger appearance over the next few months.

Been going here for years, and I love this team. I receive multiple treatment types and I am a fan of all of them. Dominique, Janette, and Niki are clutch.

G.4. Google

The ladies were very nice and helped with all my questions

RB Solutionreach

Amazing!!! Niki is by far the best esthetician I’ve had. I’ve never need a fan of routine treatment but she forever changed my mind! Thank goodness for her. I’ll be back next month.

J.L. Google

Loise was very friendly and knowledgeable.

DK Solutionreach

Very kind and open to my concerns by validating my issues and gave me information when the best times to do the work. I appreciated her professional advice. Thank you

P.R. Google


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Rediscover Youthful, Firm Skin

If you want to address sagging and wrinkles on your face or body, schedule a free consultation with Janette to hear more regarding laser skin tightening. An effective noninvasive therapy, laser skin tightening at our Reno, NV practice can help you restore the vigor and appearance of your complexion if you have the first indications of fine lines, wrinkles, and skin laxity. Visit the professionals at RenewMD Medical Spa to find out more.

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